Human Structure Virtual Histology
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    Dr. Anthony Mescher. We owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Tony Mescher, as the inspiration came in part from the histology course he taught for many years at the Bloomington branch of the Indiana University School of Medicine. Now retired, Dr. Mescher received his doctorate in Developmental Biology from The Ohio State University in 1975 for work in the area of tissue and organ regeneration. Dr. Mescher joined the the school of medicine in in 1982 and from that time concentrated his teaching efforts on medical cell biology and histology courses. Dr. Mescher retired in 2015, but continues to be an active volunteer instructor and advisor here at IUSM-Bloomington.
      Sue Childress is a native Bloomingtonian and has many years experience as a microtomist.  Sue has responsibility for the collections of microscope slides used for courses in histology and pathology and regularly prepares new slides for those collections. She also works with Medical Sciences faculty and students in the preparation of research materials for light and electron microscopy and regularly provides one-on-one instruction to graduate students and undergraduates in various histological techniques. An excellent microscopic anatomist, Sue has been a tireless proofreader of the many pages of this and related websites, and her efforts have been invaluable in correcting a multitude of errors.
    Dr. Tracy Vargo-Gogola, PhD. wears a number of hats, and was absolutely essential to the successful development of this website. A faculty member with the Josie and Mike Harper Cancer Center at the University of Notre Dame, she is also on the faculty Indiana University School of Medicine. She received her undergraduate degree from Michigan State University, PhD from Vanderbilt University and completed postdoctoral studies in the department of Molecular and Cellular Biology  at Baylor College of Medicine. Dr. Vargo-Gogola is the courses director for histology at Indiana University School of Medicine, South Bend campus. She has proofread this site multiple times and offered thoughtful and cogent additions, thereby greatly improving its usefulness and understandability. Thank you so much for time and effort Dr. Vargo-Gogola.
    Jonathan Bendinger is a graduate student in the Indiana University School of Medicine Anatomy Education doctoral program. Not only is Jon a dedicated teacher, he has an extraordinary eye and talent for developing educational media, specifically annotated images of gross anatomic structures and microscopic tissues. Indeed, Jon created all of the wonderful and informative PowerPoint presentations that accompany the units of this website.

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