Human Structure Virtual Histology
    Gonadal System

    The gonads produce gametes and consist of the ovary and testis. The ovary is specialized for the production, movement, and maintenance of oocytes. The testis is responsible for the production, storage, and delivery of the spermatozoa. Within the testis are a series of intratesticular ducts that produce sperm and transport sperm to excurrent ducts for maturation and ejaculation.

    The learning objectives for this unit are:

    • Identify the components and internal cyto-architectural arrangemnt of the ovary.
    • Identify the maturational stages and features of ovarian follicles.
    • Identify the cellular and structural characteristics of the corpus lutem and corpus albicans
    • Recognize the tunics and internal cyto-architectural arrangement of the testis as well as intratesticular and excretory genital ducts.
    • Identify the cellular components of the testis (spermatogenic, Sertoli, and Leydig cells).

    We'll start with the ovary.