Blood vessels, click the term below for the virtual slide.

  1. Angiosarcoma of breast following treatment for breast cancer
  2. Anterior mediastinum, hemorrhage into periaortic fatty tissue secondary to tear of ascending aorta NW
  3. Aortic aneurysm with thrombus
  4. Aortic dissection
  5. Aortic dissection NW
  6. Arteriovenous malformation
  7. Atherosclerosis with thrombosis (artery)
  8. Atherosclerosis and thrombosis - artery
  9. Berry aneurysm
  10. Calcific aortic stenosis NW
  11. Capillary hemangioma, skin NW
  12. Cavernous hemangioma liver  NW
  13. Cavernous and mixed hemangioma of skin NW
  14. Cholesterol clefts, submucosal vessels, ileum NW
  15. Coronary artery
  16. Coronary atherosclerosis with myocardial infarction
  17. Dissecting aneurysm - aorta
  18. Esophageal varices
  19. Giant cell arteritis - small artery
  20. Giant cell arteritis NW
  21. Intestinal infarction
  22. Intimal hyperplasia, small arterial vessel NW
  23. Monckeberg’s medial calcific sclerosis (artery)
  1. Ischemia, arteries
  2. Ischemia, small arteries
  3. Kidney, giant cell arteritis
  4. Lung, passive congestion
  5. Liver, passive congestion
  6. Low grade, cutaneous angiosarcoma, skin NW
  7. Polyarteritis nodosa:  Bowel 1Bowel 2Heart, Skeletal muscle  NW
  8. Postmortem clot
  9. Pulmonary embolus with pulmonary infarction
  10. Pulmonary artery with fibrin thrombus
  11. Pulmonary artery, thrombus
  12. Pulmonary infarction
  13. Renal infarction
  14. Renal thrombus, acute
  15. Skin, Kaposi sarcoma in AIDS NW
  16. Spleen, recanalized thrombus of splenic artery NW
  17. Splenic vein
  18. Syphilitic aortitis, elastic stain
  19. Syphilitic aortitis, H&E
  20. Thrombus, organized
  21. Varicose veins
  22. Vasculitis
  23. Wegener's granulomatosis

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