Cell injury,  cell death, adaptation and necrosis, click the term below for the virtual slide.

  1. Acute hepatitis
  2. Amyloid of liver
  3. Cardiac muscle cells with lipofuscin
  4. Caseous necrosis in a lymph node.
  5. Coagulative necrosis
  6. Colon with polyps
  7. Diabetic kidney
  8. Enzymatic necrosis
  9. Fat necrosis of abdominal adhesions NW
  10. Fibrinous peritonitis
  11. Fragments of scarred aortic valve
  12. Liver and pancreas with hemochromotosis
  13. Liver with bile stasis secondary to cirrhosis
  14. Liver with fatty metamorphosis
  1. Liquefactive necrosis
  2. Lung, asbestosis with ferruginous bodies
  3. Lung with emphysema
  4. Lung. hyaline membrane disease
  5. Metaplasia of bronchial epithelium
  6. Metastatic calcification in the lung
  7. Myocardial infarction, several stages
  8. Pancreas with enzymatic necrosis
  9. Pulmonary artery with fibrin thrombus
  10. Reactive lymph node with germinal centers and tingible body macrophages NW
  11. Spleen, Gaucher's disease
  12. Tay-Sachs

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